1 on 1

One if not the most beneficial things of personal training is definitely the aspect that each training session is one on one. Regarding the training you don’t have to worry about anything, you just need to show up and perform!

Get to feel your body

Feeling your body is an amazing thing once you’re able to do so. Some people find it easy to create a mind-muscle-connection, for others it’s almost impossible. But no worries, your favourite coach is gonna provide you with a variety of different cues, so that hopefully every one of you is gonna experience the sensation of a mind-muscle-connection. Although it’s not required to have a mind-muscle-connection with every exercise to achieve progress (in some cases it’s completely overrated or even counterproductive), in my opinion it’s very beneficial to have a certain awareness of your body when it comes to overall health and longevity.

Learn the perfect technique

Avoid mistakes

The coach is next to you all the time, therefore the process of learning exercise technique is maximized. You get feedback immediately and can adjust within seconds… also almost every exercise can be modified easily specific to your body type, if you should feel any discomfort in your joints or if we have to work around an injury.

Functional movement patterns

regarding your goals

Again individualization is key. Once you’ve mastered the basic human movements, we can think outside the box. Combine movement patterns, create exercises specific to your goals and needs. Keep you motivated, while staying productive and moving closer towards your goals.


If you don’t do, I’m going to scream at you until you do ;)