Individualized training plan:

An individualized training plan specific to your goals, time and infrastructure that is updated regularly is an absolute necessity for you to reach your goals!

Sure you can also buy a random plan from any influencer of your choice… that’s probably even gonna get you some results in the beginning - cause literally everything works in the beginning of your training career. But it’s only gonna bring you so far and eventually you will get stuck in your progress, lose your motivation, yoyo back or the worst case, pick up an injury! And that doesn’t mean that the plan you bought has to be a bad plan. It just means that there is no one size fits all!

Although we’re all the same, we have different backgrounds, different responsibilities, come in different shapes and sizes, with different genetics and bone structures. If you really wanna achieve long term results and stay injury free, individualization is the only way to go!

Weekly Check-Ins

The weekly check-ins are an integral part of the online coaching. It’s your review of the past week of training. You choose a format of your choice (video, audio, text) and let me know how the training went and how you’re feeling overall. We’re gonna track your bodyweight (+maybe other parameters if they’re beneficial for your progress) and furthermore I recommend to take progress pictures every week. Evaluating all the data of your plan, your weight, your pictures and how you feel, we then gonna make a decision how we continue; if everything stays the same or if we need any adaptations.

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Additionally to the weekly check ins you can contact me anytime if you have any questions or if we need to make immediate adaptations to your plan. Just write an email and I try to come back to you asap!

Nutrition guidelines

regarding calories and macronutrients

If you really wanna maximize your progress, it’s definitely necessary to take a look at your diet! I’m neither a nutrition scientist, nor am I a dietician, but based on the knowledge of my educations and experience I’ll provide you with some guidelines and we’re gonna track total calorie intake and at least a protein goal you should reach.

Video training

technique analysis

Technique first! So especially in the beginning, but also with every new exercise that’s gonna make it into your plan later on, you’re going to have to film yourself at least once doing every exercise! I just need to make sure your technique is on point before we increase the intensity, otherwise we’re setting you up for failure and are going down the path of injury!