I’m Markus!

I’m passionate about strength training, skydiving, rock music and food ;) . I help people to optimize their body composition, maximize their performance (in and outside the gym), increase their capacity and live a healthier, more successful life (whatever that may mean is up to the individual)! 

Thanks to my parents I grew up in a very active environment. My dad got me excited for all different kind of sports and my mum always cooked fresh food and taught me the importance of a well balanced diet. I was lucky :) Playing football, riding my bike, skiing, running, hiking were all staples! But it wasn’t until I first stepped into a gym at the age of 18 back in 2009, that I found my true passion! Since day one I’m completely in love with working out and improving my body and performance every day. I remember, when the trainer asked me at my intro session why I wanna train, I said: I wanna get fitter for winter to improve my skiing :-D - BULLSHIT - all I wanted was a sixpack to improve my self-esteem and impress girls :-D

Anyway, regardless the reasons, it was the best decision of my life to start working out! Since then of course, my motivations changed, I matured, found out that nobody gives a fuck about your sixpack and that working out and training is so much more than just improving your bodycomposition… 

For those of you who care about qualifications;)… I started working out and educating myself about the human body back in 2009. I work as a personal trainer/coach since 2015. I’m a certified fitness and personal trainer, as well as a certified practitioner in neurolinguistic programming, time line therapy and hypnosis… furthermore I am officially nobullshit-approved and can call myself certified strength coach by intelligent strength!

Markus Prokschi 2020 Impressum